Employee Insentives


Effective 6/1/2015

Jerolin Management Services, LLC wants to make sure our individuals we support and all others who have contact with the Company have a positive experience. If you wish to recognize an employee for their outstanding service, please select the link below and complete the "Outstanding Service Employee of the  Quarter Nomination Form".  We will make sure this person receives your feedback!

 Employees referred as a nominee for employee of the quarter shall be reviewed by Human Resource and other Management staff.  One employee shall be selected as employee of the quarter based on verification of information submitted on the “Outstanding Service Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form"

The selected employee shall be recognized and picture displayed at the office as employee of the month.  This employee shall also receive a $100. 00 gift card.   During the month of December each year, the 4 selected employees of the quarter shall be entered in a drawing for employee of the year.  The winner will receive a bonus/gift of the company’s choice. 

Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form

Thank you.